Lindy Beginner Classes

  • Beginners Level 1 (6-Count): For complete beginners, we introduce you to the basic 6-count Lindy Hop and learn lots of fun 6 count moves and technique to have you dancing in no time. 
  • Beginners Level 1 (8-Count): For complete beginners, we slowly progress our way to the swing out, the basic of Lindy Hop plus some other classic moves you can do to the music. 

New students are welcome to start with either the 6-count or 8-count block as they both start from scratch for complete beginners, assuming no prior experience. You must complete both 6-count and 8-count block before moving on to our Essentials level 2. We alternate between 6-Count and 8-Count from month to month. It doesn’t matter which one you start first.  The Monday and Wednesday night beginner block start dates are staggered two weeks apart so you can start dancing with Jumptown any day of the week, as long as it is Week 1 or Week 2 for that particular night. We revise the moves from the week before each week. 

If you are a complete beginner (even if you have two left feet) this is the right course for you. There is no need to book or bring a partner (as partners are rotated during the class), though we definitely encourage you to bring along some friends. Come along in comfortable shoes and casual clothing, fill in a registration form and you’ll be dancing in no time.

The beginners course is designed to teach you the basics of Lindy Hop/Swing dancing in a relaxed atmosphere. You’ll be up and dancing from the first lesson and then continue to build on moves from there.  At the end of the beginners courses (6-Count & 8-Count) you can choose to move onto Lindy Essentials (Level 2) and keep enhancing your skills. Some new dancers need a little extra time to work on the basics and may want to repeat the beginners course, which is encouraged. You can keep coming to the beginners classes for as long as you want, even after you have graduated to the next level.


Beginner class are $15 each, or you can purchase a 4 week Jump Start pass for $50.

When you graduate to our Essentials (Level 2) class you can still do beginners and get two classes for the price of one.  When you graduate to our Evolve (Level 3) class you can do as many classes as you like all night and still pay for one class.

Beginners Course Dates

Mondays 6.30–7.30pm

Griffith Neighbourhood Hall
Griffith Shops, Stuart St Griffith
(behind Aubergine Restaurant)
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  • 30 Jan – 20 Feb 2017
  • 27 Feb – 20 Mar 2017
  • 27 Mar – 17 Apr 2017
  • 24 Apr – 15 May 2017
  • 22 May – 12 Jun 2017
  • 19 Jun – 10 Jul 2017

Wednesdays 6.30–7.30pm

The White Eagle Polish Club
38 David Street, Turner

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  • 1 Feb – 8 Mar 2017 (*6-Week Course)
  • 15 Mar – 5 Apr 2017
  • 12 Apr – 3 May 2017
  • 10 May – 31 May 2017
  • 7 Jun – 28 Jun 2017
  • 5 Jul – 26 July 2017

Please note that the above dates are listed for convenience, Jumptown runs beginner courses every four weeks until the end of the year. *This is with the exception of the first Wednesday course of the year which is 6-Weeks and the last Monday course of the year which is 6-Weeks in order to stagger the beginner course blocks for the two nights two weeks apart. This allows new students to start on any week, as long as it is either Week 1 or Week 2 of that night (Monday or Wednesday). It’s too much to catch up on  at weeks 3 or 4 on that night so best to go to the other class that week and change back to the location most convenient to you on their Week 1 or 2.