Changes to classes in 2024

Normally around this time we are announcing the start of classes and new schedule after a bit of a break.

However, it is with some sadness that Jumptown has decided to put a pause on regular Lindy Hop and Balboa classes in 2024.

Jumptown has taught swing classes as a not-for-profit organisation to thousands of people for the last 20 years, so this decision did not come lightly.

Why is this happening now? 

Keeping the lights on for weekly classes involves a lot of behind the scenes work. Jumptown is run by volunteers and some of our key contributors (and teachers) have had some recent life changes that mean they need a break or change of pace. We also wanted to pivot and try a different approach to keep things fresh.

What about my unused class passes?

Please email with a scanned copy of your class pass and we will reimburse you for any unused classes.

Will Jumptown hold their regular social?

We are toying with the idea of running a monthly social and lesson so watch this space. However for now, there are no regular social dances planned.

What about Canberräng and the Jumptown Jam?

The team behind Canberräng and the Jam, will continue to run these two events in 2024 and into the future, as this another reason behind this change. We wanted to shift our energy and resources away from regular classes for a while into these successful events to make them even bigger and better. So keep an eye out on these websites and the Canberäng and Jam Facebook pages for updates on teachers, bands and launch of regos.

Can I get private lessons from Jumptown teachers?

We will keep the Polish White Eagle Club venue to use for some time, so yes our teachers will be available for privates at a fee and a contribution to venue hire. Email for more details.