Do I need bring a partner? No, not at all! At classes you’ll rotate and practice with a number of other dancers. At socials you can ask anyone to dance. They (or you) can say ‘no, thank you’ and that is perfectly fine too.

When can I start? Our beginner class blocks go for 4 weeks. Our classes are taught progressively, so you can join in at weeks 1 or 2 of each course and pick up what’s happening. Monday and Wednesday classes are staggered by two weeks, so in essence you can join any week and start learning. Follow the Facebook page for when the next 4 week block begins.

What shall I wear? Whatever you’re comfortable in. Regardless of whether you’re coming from work, going casual or dressed vintage, all are perfect. As for footwear, we’d recommend flat, comfortable shoes that stay on your feet.

What is your Code of Conduct? We care about making all Jumptown events and classes comfortable for everyone. Head to the Code of Conduct page for what we expect of all attendees at any Jumptown activity.